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Jan 11, 2023

It's our party and we'll die if we want to, maniacs! This week's episode drops on the eve of Gregg's birthday, so what better movie to discuss than the J. Lee Thompson slasher Happy Birthday To Me. We also discuss topics such as the haziness of the age of the main characters in this movie and what their school is exactly, cheating in a dirt bike competition, and our new favorite learning institution: Buttworth University.

If you haven't checked out our brand new Patreon yet, please do! January's bonus episode finds us counting down our top 5 films by the Master Of Horror, John Carpenter.

Want to hear about more slashers from 1981? Check out our previous episodes on My Bloody Valentine (episode 23), Eyes Of A Stranger (episode 24), The Prowler (episode 96), Madman (episode 140), and Bloody Birthday (episode 151).