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Mar 30, 2022

The "Band" is back together, maniacs! This week we're talking the Full Moon classic Puppet Master, and we welcome full-time co-host Lance Parkin into the fray! While we discuss one of the more impressive films of Charles Band, we also chat about topics such as our nickname for Pinhead, Paul Le Mat's awkward...

Mar 23, 2022

We're getting punny this week, maniacs, as we try to catch Arnold in 1987's The Running Man! And guess who else is back? Ben! While we try to process all of the modern inventions this movie predicted, we also chat about topics such as someone you idolize knocking you out, Fleetwood Mac being too good for the future,...

Mar 16, 2022

Knock knock, maniacs! We're finally circling back to talk about the movie that started a very weird franchise, Steve Miner's 1985 horror-comedy House! While we unpack all of the popular names in horror and sitcoms that pepper the credits of this film, we also talk about topics such as uncomfortable chairs,...

Mar 9, 2022

Put on some jazz records, maniacs, because this week we're tackling the 1981 creepy town flick Dead And Buried! While we parse through the impressive cast and crew of this cult film, we also discuss topics such as duct tape accessories, the simple yet genius effects of Stan Winston, and Nine Inch Nails stage banter.

Mar 2, 2022

We just can't get enough this week, maniacs, as we discuss the 1985 Larry Cohen cult flick The Stuff! As we try to figure out what The Stuff is made of, we also discuss topics such as a split-second appearance by Eric Bogosian, the price of gas in 1985, and the actors acting like aliens acting like actors.