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Oct 11, 2023

Boyyyyyy are we excited, maniacs! 70s Month rolls on as we discuss the movie that put Don Coscarelli on the map: 1979's Phantasm. While we are Ben-less for this episode, we're joined by friend of the show and Locust Street Films co-conspirator Matt Schultz. While we lightly explore the entire Phantasm universe and try to make some sense of it, we also discuss topics such as Gregg's childhood living room wallpaper, our favorite prank show Jawa'd, and how this entire franchise makes zero sense.

Drop that Caramello and check out our Patreon! For October's bonus episode, we dug into the archives and unearthed an early episode of Lance's old podcast Life And Movies featuring Ben and Gregg talking about the video stores of their youths. For as little as $2 a month you can get in on the action as well with bonus episodes, Discord privileges, livestreams, exclusive merchandise and more!

We're also helping to spread the word on the new installment of IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS that's now available! IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: 1990-1994 can be pre-ordered here and will no doubt be a great deep dive into 90s horror!

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