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Jun 7, 2023

You're all doomed, maniacs! This week brings us episode 300 of the show and we're celebrating in style by talking about a behemoth of 80s horror: the original Friday The 13th. Tune in as we break down this classic and discuss other topics such as Ben and Lance's experience at the Blink-182 gig, all the legal mumbo-jumbo that plagues the Friday series, and Gregg teaches us about ice cream nachos. Make sure to stick around for an extended Maniac Feedback segment where you tell us your favorite episodes of Neon Brainiacs!

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Want more of us delving into Friday The 13th? We're almost through with the 80s portion of the franchise, so check out our previous episodes on Part 2 (episode 147), Part 3 (episode 260), Part 4 (episode 45), Part 5 (episode 18), Part 6 (episode 182), and Part 8 (episode 82).