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Jan 25, 2023

Arrrrrre you rrrrrready, outlanders!? This week we're finishing January with another trip to the King well with 1984's Children Of The Corn. While we try (and fail) to keep the Korn jokes to a minimum, we discuss topics such as collect-call numbers from the 90s, living off of free Sheetz coupons in college, and we tell the tale of meeting the film's director on a chance encounter at our old alma mater.

If you haven't checked out our brand new Patreon yet, please do! January's bonus episode finds us counting down our top 5 films by the Master Of Horror, John Carpenter.

It's been a bit since we've covered a Stephen King adaptation, but if you wanna hear more about the GOAT, check out our episodes on Creepshow 2 (episode 8), Silver Bullet (episode 32), Christine (episode 37), Maximum Overdrive (episode 73), Cujo (episode 80), Creepshow (episode 104), Cat's Eye (episode 226), The Running Man (episode 237), and Firestarter (episode 244).