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Aug 31, 2022

We're wrapping up Vicious Vacations III with a gigantic episode: our 5 year anniversary! We close out our fifth year and this theme with a doozy: Friday The 13th Part III, taped live at Bryant Street Barber Shop in Pittsburgh. We do some special segments before and after the film discussion and also chat about topics such as this film's penchant for men who don't wipe their asses, Lance's burning hatred for Shelly, and how many pitchforks a farm should have.

If you wanna hear us talk more Jason, check out our episodes on Part 5: A New Beginning (episode 18), Part 4: The Final Chapter (episode 45), Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (episode 82), Part 2 (episode 147), and Part 6: Jason Lives (episode 182). We also ranked our top 5 films of the franchise in this bonus epsiode.